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Rosetta Stone Spanish Review/ learn Spanish onlineRosetta Stone Spanish Review
Rosetta Stone Spanish Review - The Honest Truth!

As any person learning Spanish for any length of time will surely tell you, it is only a matter of time before you come across the Rosetta Stone Spanish Course and have to decide whether it is worth buying or not. It is the best known course within the already saturated market for Spanish learning materials and has a higher price point compared to most similar courses. In the following detailed review we will look at the 'pros' and 'cons' of the Rosetta Stone Spanish Course, including Rosetta Stone Online, and help you to make an <a href="">learn spanish at home</a> informed decision for yourself.

Rosetta Stone Spanish - Pros and <a href="">easiest way to learn spanish</a> Cons

1. Stimulates A Realistic Learning Environment

The most obvious plus point of using the Rosetta Stone Spanish Course is that it more accurately simulates a native learning environment than any other solution on the market. Through the use of clearly spoken words and sentences by native speakers that correspond perfectly with pictures and images <a href="">learn spanish words</a> on the screen it creates a unique and immersive environment for your mind to soak up the language in. University studies have consistently proven that multi-modal learning such as this is retained far better than traditional learning methods. As such you will retain far more per <a href="">learn spanish audiobook</a> minute spent than most other methods.

2. Fun To Use

When searching for courses on how to learn Spanish most focus solely on how effective it is versus the competition. Rarely is the enjoyability of a language learning course brought into the equation. Yet this is where Rosetta Stone really shines! Simply put, Rosetta Stone is聽 fun to use so that it's easy to log on to the software with the intention of spending only a few minutes only to find that an hour has flown by without you even noticing it. This is a refreshing change and one that compares well with much of the boring and rigid Spanish courses out there on the market.

3. Pronunciation Evaluation

One of the most common struggles that learners of Spanish come across is the difficulty of pronouncing the words they learn accurately. It is a hard thing, as an adult learner, to replicate new sounds in a foreign tongue. Rosetta Stone makes a valiant attempt at overcoming this difficulty with its built-in pronunciation analysis feature. By recording your voice with the software and comparing it to that of a native speaker the Rosetta Stone Spanish Course helps its learners to speak with better and more accurate pronunciation.

4. Has Won Many Prestigious Awards

Another strong plus point on the side of investing in Rosetta Stone is that the software has won a whole host of awards from a great number of prestigious organisations. Not many other Spanish learning courses can say this! These awards include the Editor's Choice Award 2011 Award and the World Affairs Council of Washington, DC Education Award. At the latest count, Rosetta Stone has accumulated 19 different awards over the past few years which is a strong endorsement of what it has to offer.Cons

1. It Is Quite Expensive

Given that there are so many strongly positive features built-in to the Rosetta Stone Spanish Course it is hard to criticize it for quality. The main drawback of the course, therefore, is that it is quite expensive. To purchase all the levels (from 1 to 5) in the Spanish language costs several hundred dollars. For some people this may simply too much to spend or they may prefer to seek out cheaper alternatives.

2. Is it too basic?

Rosetta Stone spanish has been critisized for being too basic, although a good foundation.

Rosetta Stone Spanish Course - Summary
聽It's a good way to learn Spanish if you're a 'visual learner', using the interactive software. This is a much more modern method than say the Pimsleur Spanish. It does seem though that people either rave about it or hate it, there doesn't seem to be any middle ground!

The main disadsvantage does seem to be the cost. If you buy level 1-5 in one go, it is going to be several hundred dollars, though you could start off with just level 1.As with all the courses, don't expect to speak Spanish fluently in a short time. If you like the style of this course , then it can be an excellent start.
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